Life in the crypto world.

Mina Token Distribution and Supply

Mina is the world’s lightest blockchain. It is a public and decentralized blockchain that is open for anyone in the world to participate in actively or passively. Individuals or companies can help increase the security of the network by becoming nodes or block producers, or they can help lower the cost of transactions by becoming…
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The Alaya Economic Model

1 About Alaya Network PlatON is designed to become the next-generation of distributed financial infrastructure. With two and half years of development on top of an eight-month technical testing on the Byleyworld test network, we decided to further expand our products towards distributed finance. The original purpose and mission of blockchain technology are to better…
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How does NuCypher work?

The NuCypher network is a decentralized network of nodes that perform threshold cryptography operations serving users with secrets management and dynamic access control. nucypher is the python library and CLI for interacting with the decentralized threshold cryptography network. 1. Alice, the data owner, grants access to her encrypted data to anyone she wants by creating…
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